Welcome to PCWOOD's Kenpo Thesis

"He who hesitates, meditates in a horizontal position."
Ed Parker

About this Thesis
The pages you browse here are my kenpo black belt thesis. On June 22, 1996 I was honored with the rank of 1st degree black belt. My web is however, in no way finished. Like the art, I expect the web to grow and change but the core will remain the same.

I did not write the technique manuals myself. They may vary as they are taught. Dont take them as the gospel but rather use them as a guide. Remember, nothing can replace personal instruction by a qualified instructor.

About ...
... giving thanks to my instuctors and training partners.

About ...
... my belt testing history
Also view the kick that made it official.
In MPEG format [1285K]
In Quicktime [771K]

About ...
... the growing number of Kenpo Organizations. If you know of any please drop me a message and I'll make it available.

About my patch collection
I am building a collection of kenpo patches from different organizations and schools. If you would like to offer me a trade I often have spares of the popular ones.

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