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If you know of any good books, videos etc. related to Kenpo please drop me a piece of email with the details and I will add it to the list.

Any information related to commercial sources is provided only for the assistance of locating the material noted and is by no means an endorsement by myself.


Ed Parker
Infinite Insights into Kenpo - Book 1 - Mental Stimulation ISBN 0-910293-00-7 In Print
Infinite Insights into Kenpo - Book 2 - Physical Analyzation I ISBN 0-910293-02-3 In Print
Infinite Insights into Kenpo - Book 3 - Physical Analyzation II ISBN 0910293-04-X In Print
Infinite Insights into Kenpo - Book 4 - Mental & Physical Constituents ISBN 0-910293-06-6 In Print
Infinite Insights into Kenpo - Book 5 - Mental & Physical Applications ISBN 0-910293-08-2 In Print
Ed Parker's Encyclopedia of Kenpo LISBN 0-910293-12-0 In Print
Ed Parker's Guide to the Nunchaku library of congress 75-29969 In Print
Kenpo Karate - Law of the Fist and the Empty Hand ISBN 0910293-47-3 In Print
The Zen of Kenpo - Meaningful quotes from the teachings of Ed Parker ISBN 0910293-10-4 In Print
Source(s): Asian World of Martial Arts 1-800-922-2962

James Mitose
What is Self-Defense
ISBN 0-939556-00-6 Out of Print
Mitose's - In Search of Kenpo ISBN 00-939556-03-03 Unknown
Source(s): Unknown

Skip Hancock
Skip Hancocks organization is Kenpo 2000 and can be found at
He has material as both books and video.

Sascha Williams
Kenpo Karate ... The Art of Spontaneity Explains the premise of Kenpo and provides helpful insights into developing spontaneity.
The Book of Sparring Drills Explains step by step sparring drills for teaching by instructors.
Kenpo Karate for Young Students Kenpo book for children.
Source: WKK Publications, 335 Tangerine Ave, Los Banos, CA 93635 Tel: (209) 826-3460
Also Avail: Asian World of Martial Arts 1-800-922-2962

Lee Bachman
The Edge "How not to become a victim" ISBN 0-9652672-0-2 In Print
Quantum Kenpo "Pulling the Pieces Together" ISBN 0-9652672-3-7 In Print
Evolution of Motion "The Bladed Weapon" ISBN 0-9652672-2-9 In Print
Kenpo Theory "The Why" ISBN 0-9652672-4-5 In Print
Kenpo Physics "The Science of Motion" ISBN 0-9652672-6-1 In Print
Universal of Kenpo ISBN 0-9652672-7-X In Print
Kenpo Logic "Overcoming Multiple Attackers" ISBN 0-9652672-5-3 In Print
Kenpo Foundations Copyright February 1995 ISBN ??? In Print
Source: Visit


Panther Productions
Larry Tatum
Mohamad Tabatai
Six video tape series "Kenpo Wise" starring Lee Bachman, produced by Panther Productions released 1998
Information, ordering and breakdown for each individual tape can be found at the Panther Productions site.
Mr Steve Spry
Videos by Steve Spry
Skip Hancock
"With" - $32.50 (also available in PAL system)
"Clubs #1 - Attitude" - $22.50 (also available in PAL system)
"Long Form V" - $42.50
National Black Belt Test - $20.00
Highlight Video #1 - $20.00
Highlight Video #2 - $20.00
All prices include shipping to continental United States.
Martin Wheeler
14 Tape Series on Kenpo
View the details at

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