Kenpo Karate

"I come to you with only Karate, empty hands, I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons, Karate, my empty hands."
Ed Parker

Kenpo self defense techniques are the backbone of the art. Basics such as punching, kicking, maneuvering are grouped into preplanned "techniques" to assist the practicioner in building a library of motion.
Typically done solo, Forms are a group of offensive and defensive maneuvers incorporated into a dance of sorts. In other martial arts styles forms are referred to as "katas". Visit this link to view a list of the required katas for kenpo and descriptions of how they are performed.
Books, Video and other Goods
Besides Mr Parker's books there are a number of other resources available to assist in expanding the practicioner's library of kenpo.
Kenpo School Directory
One day while reading rec.martial-arts I came accross one in a large series of "Does anyone know of a school in ..." messages. I decided there was a demand for a directory of schools to assist people in locating schools in their (or other) areas. Add your kenpo school, but please be sure your school owner approves.
Events Calendar
Seminars, Camps and other such events may be found here. If you know of any upcoming kenpo related events in your area drop me an email message and let others know!
About My Kenpo Web
This section explains why I created this web and what its all about. Also, included is a list of Kenpo organizations and possible contacts, as well as my patch collection from organizations, clubs and schools from all over. Do you have a patch you want to trade?