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Welcome to the Kenpo Karate Dojo (school) Directory. This is a place where owners/managers may publish information about their school. And where potential students may locate schools in their area or perhaps around the world. In the past people have located old instructors, students as well as schools from all over.

The original incarnation of this directory was an HTML FORM with a MAILTO. Later it became a Perl CGI script. Both required much intervention on my part :-( The new directory is PHP/MySQL based and [your favorite deity here] willing, should require no intervention on my part.

DISCLAIMER: I claim no responsibilty for information stored in this database. I reserve the right to remove any directory entries (ie offensive or duplicate). Please do not post an entry if the school owner does not wish it so. It is the responsibility of the person posting data here to maintain their directory entry. Entries not updated within 12 months will be deleted. This will maintain relative freshness of the database. I hope you find it useful.

I wrote this Article on how to find a school, for an online Kenpo magazine. Perhaps you'll find the information useful.

In Kenpo,

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